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New Zealand Immigration

Ø  The land of the Kiwis, the fifth largest island in the world is cradled in beauty beyond words. The land known as the “Paradise of the Pacific”, holds abundant opportunities and a welcoming warmth to every visitor and migrants, to breathe life into their dreams.

Ø  New Zealand, being a land that exhales the freshness and warmth of unrestricted rights to live, work and study, is the boon of this “God’s own country”. The magnificence of the New Zealand countryside mesmerizes and creates a striking effect on every eye that experiences its wilderness. The New Zealand walk of life and an admirable economy favours immigration for residency to skilled migrants and those planning to establish their business credentials. The work to residence visa permits working  in New Zealand for 30 months, during which an application can be forwarded for resident visa.

Ø  The employment market in New Zealand is on a rise since the global financial crisis and this warm trend is well set to continue. Constant requirements and job openings for specialist in industries such as medicine, engineering and IT, are the bridges of opportunities to walk across with their happy dreams, for the potential immigrants.

Ø  The government statistics reveal an upsurge to over 100, 000 jobs on an average. Skilled jobs are the increasing demand of time. This consistent demand contributes to about 50% overall employment growth. The major industries that keep their demands consistent are construction, education and training, engineering, health care, IT and technology, logistics and transportation, real estate and property.

Ø  A career well planned will always open the golden door of opportunity on the Kiwi soil.

Ø  The Maori culture addresses openings for the business brains to establish their worth and credentials. According to a World Bank survey, New Zealand is one among the easiest places in the world to start a business, following the leaders Singapore and Hong Kong. Initially the business can start as a sole trade and as the business grows, it can uniform the structure of a company.