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We Provide Following Services

Career Counselling


We counsel you keeping in view your ambition, academic & work background. We help you to choose a course which will suit your interest and background. Honest and Ethical counselling is what we strongly believe in. At Visa zone we give free unconditional counselling for any of our services. Our counselling method is practical and based on real examples. We even counsel on finance documents, selecting right country, after-expiry of visa, earning abroad, taking family with you an many hidden and complicated issues.


Course Selection


Selecting right course can change your life! With this intention, we always suggest best courses to our students to study abroad. As we always have the latest information on job prospects abroad, we help students to choose the right path for them.


Country & University Selection


SKILLWHIZ EDUCATION represents reputed Universities/Institutes worldwide. This gives students wide options to select their destination where they would like to pursue further studies in abroad. Universities and colleges abroad represented by us offer students a wide range of courses and options.


Application and Documentation


This being the first document which a student offers to his/her institute. There should be no room for any error as first impression about the student goes long way. Hence it must be carefully drafted and presented with all necessary documents. This is held at utmost importance by Visa zone counsellors. We assist you with the filling of application forms, guidance in preparation of Recommendation Letters as well as Statement of Purpose. Along with the application we also send our recommendation letter to the University highlighting the strengths of the student and why he/she should be admitted. The admission tutor considers this letter in their decision making. We keep a proper follow up with the Universities ensuring you a quick response.


Scholarships Assistance


Some Institute offer maximum scholarship to deserving students. Us being aware of the scholarships offered by different Institutes, we help the students to avail the best in this bargain. 


Assistance for Bank Loans


Foreign education needs good funds and we assist the student to avail Bank Loans from Nationalize Banks. A student can avail Student Loan up to the sum of Rs. 15 -16 lacks on presenting the correct set of papers required by the bank to sanction such loans. 


Visa Assistance


We assist you for your visa application as well. We will help you to prepare your visa file. We will guide you about all the documents required for visa application for Student visa and Immigration Visa. The Visa is granted or refused on the base of these documents. Hence due care and expertise is needed in completing and submitting the form. We will also check that all the papers in your file are arranged and submitted according to the high commission/ embassy requirements. Hence the cases of refusal are less in our case.


Visa Interview Preparation


Getting a visa could be tough; at times students are called for personal interviews. We brief and train the student about the questions they could be possibly asked. We conduct mock interviews at our end and make the student well versed for the interview. He/she faces the interview with confident than others and naturally the result is more positive. 


Pre-Departure Briefings


Once the visa is issued the student is very keen to proceed for his/her planned studies. At Visa zone we help them in the necessary areas of Health Insurance, Travel plans, Pick up at the destination. Staying at the college hostel is arranged if requested by the student and all steps taken to ensure that student does not feel lonely or alone in a strange country. The institutions represented are known for taking good interest of the students who have come from overseas and the problems they may have.


Air Ticket


We are the best advisers to tell you when you should book your Air Ticket! We deal in obtaining Air Ticket with full responsibility and always give you more than one option.

The moment your visa gets confirmed, within few minutes you will have a list of the airlines along with discount fare and baggage allowance. If you are migrating abroad then certainly, you would wish to have maximum baggage allowance; baggage allowance normally depends on the airlines, however, understanding you needs, you always would be offered the best deal.




Insurance has become essential for everyone traveling abroad! We, at Visa zone, do not directly deal with Insurance companies, but we always keep in touch with the Registered Insurance Agents. We always prefer that our client should get maximum benefit. The Insurance Agents, we deal with are quite trustworthy and efficient in their work.


Foreign Exchange


Competitive Exchange Rates and Prompt Services


SKILLWHIZ EDUCATION assists to obtain foreign exchange from accredited providers. Our Tie ups with reputed Forex dealers ensure that our students get competitive exchange rates and prompt services. We help you with Demand Drafts, Travelling Cheques, International Debit Cards, Wire Transfers & Currency Notes & ensure that you inform us to help you get the best exchange rate.


International Calling SIM Cards


WE  assists to get International Calling SIM Cards from accredited providers.


Western Union & MoneyGram


SKILLWHIZ EDUCATION   also care about you even when you are in other country. You can support your family by sending the money via Western Union or MoneyGram. Visa zone is the register center for Western Union & MoneyGram. Your family can collect the money at Visa zone.

Most of the consultants in INDIA assist you, till you get the visa. But we go even beyond that to assist you in following Post Landing Services.


Airport Pick Up


Reliable Airport Pickup is what we provide! We not only book the Air Ticket but with your consent, we also book a chauffeur, who will be holding your name card at the airport where you will be landing. Then you will be driven safely to your accommodation. (Minimum two weeks of notice is required.)




Moving away from home can be a big step so you do not want to be worrying about finding a place to live in. We have wide range of accommodation in almost every city on the Earth, where our clients fly to. We, along with our associates, offer sharing-based rooms, private rooms and private apartments for short and long stay. They normally campus or out of campus. The accommodation can either be private accommodation or sharing with other. It can ne catered with breakfast and an evening meal of self-catering, which means that you buy and prepare your own food


Job Assistance


At SKILLWHIZ EDUCATION, we give useful tips on how to find jobs in abroad. We assist in preparing professional CVs. We also give references and contacts of the job agencies abroad that help our clients to get a job.




We are the change makers in people’s lives where it matters the most. Bridging geographical barriers and connecting worlds is our motto. We believe in helping to live a quality life which you and your family truly deserve. So, as global immigration and visa specialists, we play an important role in helping people select their new settlement destination.

SKILLWHIZ EDUCATION is world’s leading Immigration and Visa Consultancy firm catering to every possible immigration needs of its clients. We are ideally positioned to assist our clients in choosing the right immigration destination and handholding them through the entire immigration process. Our understanding of concurrent immigration rules and procedures and learning through past precedents in managing various immigration and visa situations ensures proper presentation of application forms and the overall credentials of our clients.

SKILLWHIZ EDUCATION caters to those seeking living and work options to all major countries such as Canada (Federal and Quebec), Australia, UK, Denmark, Singapore, New Zealand, Hong Kong and other popular destinations. Our USP is our transparency with clients at all stages of application process.

Our services include all forms of immigration and visa applications such as Permanent Resident and Skilled Migrant visas, Investor and Business immigration applications, Temporary Work Permits and so on. Filing pleas and appeals against rejected and refused applications is our fort

So, let experience stand by your side in this life–changing decision called Immigration! 


Visitor Visa


In diversity lies ecstasy. A droning lifestyle time and again calls for a change and what better than visiting the darling place of your imaginings? A true escape from monotonous life not only offers bloom but a ravishing outlook to live life in a fresh manner. And still people ask. Why we immigrate!

God has blessed us with senses to witness his wonderful creations… The only mandate is to make mind, step out and see what this incredible planet has in store for you. But for that you need a VISIT VISA.

The process of filing an application can test your patience, as even the minutes error may lead to a visa denial. An application process executed sans proficient guidance takes a toll out of you; hence performing the contrary would serve the purpose. Our visit visa experts at Visa zone are well-acquainted of where an applicant may go wrong or where is the scope to fasten up the immigration procedure. The visit visa specialists would take care of all your doubts and see to it that you are kept away from every pestering, if any.

Our years of experience would help you in focusing on what you would be doing once you land in your desired nation. Besides, the onus lies on the applicant to execute the pre-requisites needed for the visit visa procedure, along with showing the original obligatory documents.

From initial stage of application till the completion of your application process, the ace knack of our visit visa experts is always accessible to you throughout. Additionally, there is a diverse range of visit visas available, with the only mandate to choose the right one. Be it visitor visa, business visit visa, spouse visa or working holiday visa, to name a few.


Our Vision


Our vision is to help you open the floodgates of opportunities for yourself and to build your future, as we believe that studying abroad not only gives you a degree that is valued by prospective employers in India and abroad, but also gives you a Global Outlook and a Global Perspective that ensures a bright and satisfying career for ambitious students.


Our Mission


Total customer satisfaction. A result oriented and result driven education is provided. To provide in-depth and accurate information to students interested in studying abroad.

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